Don't Sell Your Birthright

In Genesis 25:29-34, Esau sold his role in redemptive history for a temporary comfort. He was exhausted from his work and gave up his part in God's plan for a bowl of beans.

This is often the temptation for people in ministry. The work of ministry is often exhausting and the enemy is always waiting with an enticing comfort to get us out of ministry: more money, easier job, more earthly fame, less stress, less responsibility, etc.

The reason Esau traded his birthright was that he didn't realize how great God's redemptive plan was and how great his role was going to be in that plan.

Pastor, leader, ministry worker, let me remind you today how great God's redemptive plan is and how great your role is in that plan... God is literally saving the world through us! Millions of angels and prophets of old longed to see what our eyes see! We literally are playing a role in ETERNITIES changing! God is using us to make His Name known all over the world! We are the catalyst for changed lives in this world! The whole point of history is God's redemptive plan and He is using US to carry it out! He could have used anyone, but HE CHOSE YOU!

Let's not trade this great privilege for a temporary comfort. Let's not trade our role for more money, more comfort, better retirement, or any earthly fame or treasure! Let's hold on to our birthright!