Chris was born in Raleigh, NC with a severe stutter and unquenchable emptiness. He looked for anything that would calm his nerves and fill his void, which soon led him to drugs. By age 17, he was shooting up heroin daily and selling drugs to continue his habit.

On December 18th of 2010, Chris entered into yet another rehab program weighing 100 lbs, deathly addicted to heroin, and still without the ability to talk. Six days later, he attended a church down the street from the rehab center and heard the Gospel. That night everything changed. Jesus snatched him out of hell and gave him a taste of the pleasure he'd been looking for.

Shortly after that Jesus called him to preach. Over the next few years, Jesus literally healed Chris's voice and began to open doors for him to share his story and preach the gospel on many different platforms.

Since officially launching CDM in June 2015, Chris, along with his wife Kathleen, and the rest of the CDM team have had the privilege of speaking at over a hundred events and have seen thousands of people make a profession of faith in Christ. Jesus uses unschooled ordinary people to do incredible things because He gets all the glory. We love that God is using us, but we are rejoicing way more that our names are written in heaven.